Austrian-born, Louis Sailer has an extensive experience of nearly three decades spearheading iconic hotels around the world. A distinguished leader and one of the world’s most successful hoteliers, Louis has spent his life building multimillion-dollar entities and capturing five-star performance ratings. Through this book he shares unique insights into the fascinating realms of the luxury hospitality industry and his journey that was fuelled by an undeterred ambition. Whether you are an apprentice or a general manager, his notes, anecdotes and tips inspire and motivate all professionals helping them on the path of professional growth and fulfillment.

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The beginning chapters represent the early stages in one’s career while the progressive and latter parts are useful for managers of today or aspiring professionals in the making.     

This book was intended as a first volume of little treasures and as a grab book of advices for all aspiring hospitality professionals, who seek that extra advice before hand. These hard-won experiences, scenarios and insights shared, are meant to give a little advance to open one’s mindset before it is too late. Advices from the heart, to keep our luxury hospitality and golden era of travel alive, and assist in a successful luxury hospitality, restaurant or catering career.

The author is an experienced international luxury hotelier who wishes to share his knowledge gained over a 25-year career to benefit others in the hospitality industry and to satisfy some of the questions of those curious about what happens behind the scenes in a restaurant or luxury hotel.

Based on the stage in your career, it is best read from front to back or back to front.

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Louis sailer

Share with friends and colleagues. The book is intended as a life-long keeper. 
I  hope that many people can benefit from it and help fast-track their careers in this beautiful industry. 

From learning to managing, careing, opening, creating, visioning and implementing. Life has been good. Thanks to all that are part of it. Time to give back.